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"Healthy Heart and Vessels" programme

Medical rehabilitation programme for a daytime in-patient facility on a commercial basis. (The cost of the programme is 70 000-130 000 rub.)

The programme has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, purifies the blood, improves and protects the heart, helps normalize blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels, reduces headaches and meteosensitivity, reduces the risk of blood clots. In addition, the programme is aimed at preventing varicose veins, reducing the severity of vascular asterisks, vein patterns and edema in legs.

The programme includes:
- Consultation with a physiotherapist;
- Consultation with a physiotherapist for exercise therapy;
- Gas baths (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen);
- Seaweed "high boots" application (2 zones);
- Exercise therapy with the use of simulators (simulators: Imitron, Cycling Machines, Ellipse, KARDIOMED);
- Individual exercise therapy session;
- General medical massage;
- Exposure to magnetic fields;
- General magnetic therapy;
- Exposure to a low-intensity laser radiation in diseases of large blood vessels;
- Exposure to a low-intensity laser radiation in diseases of the central nervous system and the brain;
- Oxygen therapy;
- Barotherapy - pressotherapy of the extremities, pneumocompression.

*Cost calculation for 10-12 days