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Council of young scientists
Regulation on the Council
Information about the council of young scientists

The Council of young scientists was established to attract talented young people, ensure the scientific and administrative growth of young scientists, and increase the activity of young scientists

The main objectives of the Council of young scientists are:
  • uniting the young specialists and scientists of the Centre, boosting their activities to fulfil their goals, acquire new knowledge and integrate their joint research activities;
  • promoting research, research and technical and innovation activities of young scientists and specialists of the Centre;
  • providing information support for the research activities of young scientists and specialists within the framework of the Young scientists club;
  • educational activities, teaching the basics of good research practice (Good Research Practice);
  • establishment of interaction between scientific and clinical departments, as well as between the branches of the Centre;
  • development of interregional co-operation between young scientists and specialists to address common issues in the field of medical rehabilitation and balneology.
The scope of activities of the Council of young scientists:
  • representing the interests of young scientists of the Centre at the meetings of the Academic Council, in public organizations and mass media;
  • Establishment of information exchange between young scientists and specialists of the Centre and branches of the Centre: dissemination and exchange of information about printed and electronic sources of professional information, grants, funds, programmes of support of young scientists and specialists, conferences, schools, scientific-practical seminars, etc.;
  • facilitating the organization and holding of exhibitions, competitions, forums and other events with the participation of young scientists and specialists;
  • establishing contacts with young scientists from abroad for the purpose of joint research, exchange of experience, internships and exchange of specialists;
  • interacting with other organizations, universities, councils of young scientists of other organizations, within its competence, to implement joint research activities, exchange experience and conduct collective research;
  • promoting financial support for the participation of young scientists in conferences, seminars, symposia, internships, including international ones;
  • carrying out activities to attract school and university students to the academic science, contributing to science promotion;
Priority areas of work of the Council of young scientists:
  • medical rehabilitation;
  • regenerative medicine;
  • translational medicine;
  • population-based studies;
  • good practices (GxP), etc.