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Yevloyeva Zukhra Magomedovna

Yevloyeva Zukhra Magomedovna


Medical rehabilitation department for patients with central nervous system disorders


Neurology (medical care)


Higher education - specialist programme, Master's degree programme 2011 – State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Rostov state medical university 2013 - Postgraduate professional education (residency) in the speciality of "Neurology" Professional certificate: Neurology 037718098804. Registration number 2Ц-32-188950. Date of issue 5.11.2020 ФД-0177040055813. Registration number 10921. Date of issue 28.12 2016 2022-111-90 -У 772417378072 2022-2027 Neurology

Length of service

Since 2013

Professional experience

February 2014 - July 2014 - St. Petersburg State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Municipal polyclinic No. 91” (neurologist) August 2014 – July 2015 - St. Petersburg State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Municipal hospital No. 20” (internal part-time employment, Department of radiological occupational pathology) September 2015 - May 2019 - St. Petersburg State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Leningrad regional clinical hospital” (neurologist, department of general neurology and for patients with acute cerebrovascular accidents. Internal part-time employment - reflexologist) June 2019 – present – FSBI “NMRC RB”