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Treatment Methods

Currently, the use of physiotherapy methods in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with various diseases allows significantly improve the clinical condition of patients, get pronounced painkillers, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, anti-stress effects with the methods of physiotherapy combined with drug therapy, LFC and massage.
Physical Therapy (LFC) is a scientific, practical, medical-educational discipline that studies the basics and methods of using physical education for the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of various diseases.
Robotic mechanotherapy is an innovative method of rehabilitation of patients with various diseases of the central nervous system and organs of movement and support that uses the latest restorative devices allowing patients return to normal life and prevent disability.
Manual therapy - methods of treatment and diagnosis which are the impact of the hands of the therapist on the patient's body. The methods are aimed mainly at the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, manifested in the form of functional joint blockages, hypermobility and regional postural imbalance of muscles, and internal organs.
Mud treatment is widely used in resort medicine. The center's balneotherapy department uses classical methods of mud applique. Today, the treatment and prevention programs use high-ineralyated muds of Lake Medvezhye.
Sodium chloride is the most common mineral water in nature. Chloride sodium baths act by settling mineral salt on the skin and forming on it the so-called salt cloak.
Weak ionizing radiation and microclimate features of the therapeutic environment of sivinotic speleokamera, provide increased aeroionization, temporary elimination of allergens, helps to reduce bronchial reactivity, normalize mucocylyary transport, improve drainage function of bronchus and eliminate immunological disorders.
At present, cryogenic technologies in which the withdrawal and subsequent long-term preservation of the human body's own biological tissues and cells for possible subsequent use as a therapeutic, preventive or rehabilitation tool are becoming more and more relevant.
Fat tissue has high potential in solving the problems of regenerative medicine. From the adipose tissue can be distinguished a unique mixture of cells with a wide range of action to treat a large number of diseases.
Therapeutic dentistry helps to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for as long as possible. This area of dentistry helps to diagnose dental diseases in time.
Blood is the basis of the functioning of all organs and systems of our body. It is an ideal remedy for many ailments. Pure, healthy blood is one of the essential health conditions of the whole body. The state of blood depends on the health of the person as a whole: it supplies the body with oxygen and useful substances.