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Media accreditation

For comments, interviews with staff or the administration of the FSBI "National Medical Research Centre for Rehabilitation and Balneology" of the Ministry of Health of Russia please send an official request to:
Novy Arbat, 32, Moscow, 121099 or fill in the questionnaire and send it to: nmicrk@nmicrk.ru
Email subject: Accreditation request from (mass media entity)
The following should be written in the body of the letter:


Please accredit our mass media organization to the event below.

  1. Name and date of the event for which accreditation is requested
  2. Name of media organization
  3. Type of media (newspaper, magazine, radio station, TV company, web-based media, etc.)
  4. Name of the head of the media organization, telephone, e-mail
  5. Journalist's name, position, mobile number, e-mail
  6. Actual address of the editorial office
  7. Website, telephone and fax numbers of the editorial office
  8. Planned date (dates) of publication
  9. Equipment (name, identification number) - if necessary
  10. Main subject of the request
  11. Preliminary list of questions
  12. Aims and objectives of the photo and video recording
  13. Proposed location and objects to be filmed
  14. Where the footage will be used

Head of the media organization (Full name)

For the latest information about events in the Centre, check out our “Events” section and our social media pages on VKontakte