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Center for Medical Rehabilitation Organization

The Structure of the Centre for Medical Rehabilitation:

  • Department for Information and Analysis
  • Department of Drug Safety and Medical Products Analysis
  • Telemedicine Technology Division
  • Department for Health Care Organization
  • Department of Development and Implementation of Specialized Educational Programs and Personnel Policy

The Main Activities of the Center for Medical Rehabilitation:

  • Organizing and conducting offsite events in the subjects of the Russian Federation, compiling reports on the trip results.
  • Developing and analyzing draft regulations of the Russian Ministry of Health and preparing proposals for their improvement.
  • Collecting statistics and conducting monitoring on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Health in the subjects of the Russian Federation.
  • Organizational, methodical and analytical work on medical care.
  • Interaction with medical organizations, forming and filling an electronic database.
  • Remote consultations/consultations using telemedicine technologies.
  • Remote patient consultations/councils with medical organizations of different forms of ownership using telemedicine technologies.
  • Identification and systematization of problematic issues in the subjects of the Russian Federation.
  • Analysis of drug supply and the treatment of medical products.
  • Organizing and conducting scientific and practical activities on medical rehabilitation in the Russian Federation.

Maksim Yurievich Yakovlev

Maksim Yurievich Yakovlev

Head of the Center for Medical,

Rehabilitation, Candidate of Medicine